Monday, December 23, 2013

Homosexual is a Race

Via Yahoo News:

"GLAAD spoke with A&E representatives on Wednesday morning to discuss why people would be offended by the comments and calls to action. ”They took this very seriously, as soon as the news broke,” Ferraro said.

After the meeting, GLAAD issued its statement on Robertson’s comments. A&E initially released a statement from Robertson in which he said he would “never treat anyone with disrespect just because they are different from me.” But the network declined to comment itself until Wednesday night, when it announced the suspension, which GLAAD applauded.

“We believe the next step is to use this as an opportunity for Phil to sit down with gay families in Louisiana and learn about their lives and the values they share,” the spokesman said.

The organization is also currently researching companies who use Robertson as a spokesperson.

“Silence is agreement in this case,” he said. “With such egregious anti-gay and racist comments, those companies that choose to be affiliated with this family need to speak out.”

So let me get this straight... homosexuals are now a RACE and making remarks that you don't agree with the homosexual lifestyle is now a RACIST thing to say?????

Boy, we really are playing fast and loose with the "racist" card these days, aren't we? Robertson said absolutely NOTHING about race at all. His remarks were only about his belief that homosexuality is a sin based on his faith. And he's completely entitled to his beliefs. Saying he's anti-gay is accurate, but saying he's a racist... that's a step too far. But last time I checked, it's still his right to be anti-gay. We do still live in America, don't we?

Well, don't we????

And as for the notion on the part of this GLAAD spokesmosexual that it's an opportunity for Phil Robertson to sit down with gay families, sing kumbaya and to leeeeearn about their liiiiiives and about their common vaaaaaaalues.....pardon me - I just vomited. Twice.

Do we really think that Phil Robertson is saying these things out of ignorance of the homosexual lifestyle??? That perhaps it's just that he doesn't know that they're just people, too, and that they just happen to like to have wild monkey sex with other people of the same gender? Is that the issue? How stupid do you think this guy is? I'm quite sure that he knows what gay sex entails and also how he feels about it.

And again... he's entitled to feel however he wants about it because... 'MERICA!!!!

I'm sick and tired of those who are always preaching tooooolerance at the top of their lungs suddenly going apeshit whenever someone pops up with an opinion or a worldview that they don't agree with. How tolerant is that?

So now, after this article, I've seen Phil Robertson called anti-gay and racist. I've seen him called "hillbilly" and "redneck." I'm just waiting for Hitler for the win.

It'll happen. Just wait.