Tuesday, March 6, 2012

10 Things Every Serious Photographer Needs to Know

From this excellent episode of The Grid by Scott Kelby:

  1. 1.Look at other current photographers' work
  2. 2.Stop over thinking
  3. 3.Find the right camera for YOU
  4. 4.Great photos aren't found in the menu
  5. 5.Lighting: Break out of your mold
  6. 6.Rent a lens first
  7. 7.Get good at photoshop or find somebody that is
  8. 8.Once you go pro, shift to business-focused mindset
  9. 9.Understand what online forums are really for
  10. 10.Stop posting works in progress if you want to be taken seriously
  11. Bonus tip--- If you want to have great landscape photos, do what most folks aren't willing to do

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