Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Supreme Court Just Fixed Everything

So Obamacare is a "tax."

By declaring Obamacare a "tax," the Supreme Court has just also confirmed that he has enacted a hefty new tax directly on the middle class.

This new tax and all this new government power and upheaval of the best medical system in the world just because 7% of the population didn't have health insurance.

Note to Republicans in Congress: this is exactly why it's a really, really bad idea to pass a flawed law in the interest of compromise and let the courts "fix" it later. Yeah, they fixed it real good, didn't they? They fixed us all.  As in- they just neutered our economy and out health care system and our individual rights.

And what really makes me mad is that Elena Kagan shouldn't have even been allowed to rule on the subject because she helped write the law as Solicitor General.

Note to Republicans in the Senate: this is why Supreme Court confirmation hearings matter!  Kagan essentially got a rubber stamp appointment because Republicans didn't have the stomach to fight for a better candidate due to the fact that she was a) Hispanic and b) a woman.

I'm really, really ticked off today.  Can we please have an election, already?


Anonymous said...

so many incorrect things in one short post. incredible

Destructo said...

yeah, "anonymous?" Like what?