Saturday, May 4, 2013

Pushing for Legislation to Protect Future Democrats

From the UK Daily Mail:

So... let me get this straight... Obama goes to another country and then makes a pitch for legislation to limit the rights of his own citizens, supposedly to keep the Mexican people safe ? From guns, no less? *cough*fast and furious*cough* *cough*

Instead, El Presidente, how about making a pitch to clean up the corrupt Mexican government?

How about making a pitch to keep your own damn citizens in your own country where they belong legally?

How about insisting that the Mexican government do something about border violence and their drug lords?

And while we're at it... could we please not go to another country to talk about our issues, Mr. President? It just looks, well, unpresedential (and petty and narcissistic.)

Here... here's how it's supposed to be done:

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