Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Brief Note...

Earlier this year I decided that I was going to try to keep political content and commentary to a minimum on Destructoville.  I have strong opinions, and it doesn't always fit well with some of the other more silly and geeky and work-related design and photography content that I like to post.

But yesterday has changed my mind.  I started Destructoville as my own personal sounding board - as a place where I can post about anything I find interesting and where I can get things off my chest and rant and rant (and rant) until my heart is content.  I've begrudgingly passed up on some choice Grade A rants in the past few months because of my promise to myself tho limit the political stuff here.

But the fact is that I see the country going in all sorts of directions around me that I either don't agree with or that I find downright offensive.  And it's also an election year.  And I cannot hold my tongue any longer.

So from here out, you can bet that there will be a lot more political ranting here.  I make no apologies.  If you're here for something else, God Bless you.  Please skim past the political posts and look at the others - those will still be forthcoming as well.  I know that we don't all hold the same political views - and I've found that many people in the creative field hold the exact opposite viewpoints as myself.  But I must be true to who I am and what makes me tick.  A being a God and Texas and Country loving Conservative is a big, big part of who I am.

Thank you for reading my little blog, whoever you may be.

Play ball!

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