Monday, January 10, 2011

Hateful Rhetoric

I found this amusing and maddening all at once. While the left is in a full-fledged tizzy against so-called "hateful rhetoric" by conservatives, they don't seem to have a problem with the bile spewing from their own side. Some responses found in the comment section of an excellent article by S.E. Cupp in the NY Daily News:

"It was you people who created the twisted term "Death Panel" and a myriad of other garbage that has been created to instill the kind of fear that led to the assassination attempt of a US Congresswoman." - El Commondant

"Capt. takes one to know one. You're obviously a Palin supporter. Others see her for what she is. A loud mouth attention freak who has something nasty to say about darn near everyone who doesn't agree with her, including McCain's staff. Typical male republican who likes her because you think she's hot or whatever. It doesn't matter that she doesn't use what few brain cells she has when twittering or tweeting." - CorineK

"It's too bad Palin doesn't stay "way up high in Alaska", Anonymous. She is in the lower 48 states more than she is home and she spews her venom daily on Facebook and Twitter, against everyone she seems fit to spew it against. Even the Secret Service during the 2008 election said that her hate rallys were causing death threats against Barak Obama. She even targets the first lady, but Michelle is classy enough to ignore the ignorant hick." - CorrineK

"Palain IS responsible for this by instigating. She is good at causing trouble. I think she thinks (if it's possible) that that is her purpose in life. It couldn't be more obvious than her crosshairs map. Just because she ha cute eyeglasses, men think she is smart. WRONG! She was a probably the popular sorrority girl in high school that always picked on the fat girl with glasses. It wasn't cute then and it ain't cute now." - Chad66

"Everyone in this country should be liable for her kind of vigilante tactics. She's gonna tip toe around this for as long as she can make money off it. She's a racist, bigot pig with a soul of dirt." - KraftPaper

And I could go on and on. That was just taken from the first couple of dozen comments.

I'm not a huge fan of Palin (as those who have read much of my blog already know), but enough is enough already. Hateful rhetoric, indeed.

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