Sunday, January 16, 2011

One Year Better

One year ago this weekend my eyes were opened. A friend lent me some of his L-series lenses to shoot with at our annual agents conference and I saw what a huge difference having good glass (and a wider range of apertures) can make. I was amazed and it took my blossoming interest in photography to full bloom.

I set out to practice and learn as much as I could to take my photos to the next level. We got some better lenses at work and I bought an amazing 50mm prime lens for my camera at home, and I just started shooting as much as I could. I'm afraid I turned into "that guy" - you know - the one at family functions and out in public who always has his camera out. But it was in the name of learning, I swear. That I got some irreplaceable shots of my kids is a great bonus.

I also benefited from fellow geek and best friend, Matt, guiding me along and encouraging me as I learned. We get to shoot together thus weekend and I'm glad for that. It's not a competition, but working with him pushes me to be better and to try harder. He gets some amazing shots.

So here I am again at the agents conference set to shoot three days worth of photos armed with good lenses and a years worth of practice under my belt. I can't wait to see what happens.

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