Monday, March 14, 2011

AT&T Sucks

From Mashable:

AT&T customers will later this month be receiving a notice that the company will cap its DSL and U-Verse usage starting May 2.

For DSL customers, usage will be capped at 150GB per month, and for U-Verse customers, the cap will be 250GB. Overage charges will only be imposed on customers “who consistently exceed the new caps,” according to Broadband Reports.

I freaking hate AT&T. I don't know for sure, but I'd bet that with all the Netflix we stream and movies and TV shows we rent or purchase that we would blow right through 150 GB a month.

AT&T is looking for a way to make up for lost revenue due to losing exclusivity on the iPhone and iPad. So how do they do it? By introducing cutting-edge new services or features that people really want and will sign up for in droves?

No. Bend their existing customers over and have their way with them and dare them to switch, knowing full well that in many places (such as Brenham) there is no alternative to their crappy service.

Thanks to John T. for passing this along.

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