Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Charlie Sheen Found Dead

From Reuters:

Charlie Sheen, the actor who in the past two weeks has appeared on television, radio and in magazines on an often confusing and colorfully-worded tirade against his former employer, Chuck Lorre, was found dead last night in his Malibu home. The cause was no immediately clear, but sources close the investigation said that drug paraphernalia, meth-amphetamines and piles of cocaine were littered throughout the house.

Now, I just made that up. But if it were real, would you really be surprised? Even if Sheen isn't on drugs, he's clearly mentally unstable and needs help - and quick - before he disappears down the rabbit hole forever. It may be entertaining to see what Sheen will say and do next, but it's also frightening. I hope he has family and friends around him that have his best interests at heart.

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