Thursday, May 19, 2011

An Impromptu Prom Shoot

Last weekend, Kristi's cousin Marsha from Kansas was on her way down to Houston for a conference, so she stopped by Brenham to spend the night. She's a photographer who loves to take flower shots, so we decided to take her and Kristi's mom out to the Antique Rose Emporium in Independence. We all had a great time and I got some great shots of Kristi and Kayci - and Noble.

I had just finished taking some shots of honey bees on some flowers when I heard, "James!" I looked up and saw my friend Sydney. Sydney is a college student that worked in the Marketing Department at Germania for a couple of years while she was attending Blinn. She's moved on to UTSA, but she's still a Facebook friend, and a really nice person.

As I went over to say hi I noticed that she was trying to use a tiny little point-and-shoot camera to take pictures of two people who were obviously dressed for prom. She introduced me to her sister, Lauren, and Lauren's date, Justin. She seemed to be frustrated because she didn't seem to be getting the shot that she wanted, so I asked her if I could jump in and take a few shots of the couple. She agreed, and these are some of the shots that I got:







_MG_7600 copy





I only had a single flash with me, so I tried to light the couple as best I could. Where they were sitting was in a heavy mid-day shadow. I also wish I had opened up my aperture a little more so that the background had become blurry, but all in all, I thought that for a quick set of unplanned shots it wasn't too bad.

Thanks to Lauren for letting me share her photos, and thanks to Sydney for letting me jump in.

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