Thursday, May 12, 2011

What Makes God Laugh?

Many years ago I heard something in a sermon that has really stuck with me and has been on my mind a lot lately - making God laugh. Basically, the idea is that just as our children delight us and make us smile and laugh at the things that they do and say - usually without meaning to - that we also delight our Heavenly Father.
And I wonder, what makes God laugh?

I know that when my son says something completely in earnest, but gets a word wrong accidentally that it makes me smile, such as the way he calls the Care Bears "tummy bears." Kristi and I used to love to listen to our daughter try to make sense of some pretty big words when she was small, such as "mapartment," "casisstant" and "buh-out."

I wonder if it's our little misspeaks that make God smile? Maybe, but I suspect that it's really things that we humans do to try to approach godhood. I bet he gets a kick when we think we've figured out how the universe works, only to find out later that the sun doesn't revolve around the Earth. And when we absolutely think we know something - maybe that some species are extinct - and then someone runs across one somewhere.

And I bet He gets a huge rise out of our feeble attempts to govern ourselves, only to make the same mistakes time and time (and time) again. I bet it's not the everyday things that makes God smile at his children, but the stupid things that we as a human race do thinking that we have all the answers.

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