Tuesday, May 17, 2011

iStock Editors Need to Learn Their History

I just got the following rejection notice from iStockphoto for a shot I took of the Alamo a couple of weeks ago:

The following keywords used for this file do not appear to be fully relevant to the subject.

{[ Freedom, Liberty (Single Word), Freedom, Travel, Courage, Travel, Pride, Honor, Death, Conflict, Fighting (Physical Activity), Independence, Hope, Destruction]}

Now, Texans, you tell me which of those keywords don't apply to the Alamo.

[Edit:] My response:
Regarding the keyword notice on images 16549717, 16549749, 16549765, 165497920 and 16549780, you obviously have no idea the historical significance of this building. I suggest you read the Wikipedia article on the battle of the Alamo (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_the_Alamo) and tell me which of the keywords don't apply. This is one of the most famous buildings - and famous battles - in history! The Alamo holds a very special significance in the hearts of Texans, and I assure you that any of the keywords (with the exception of "travel" accidentally added twice) does, in deed apply to this very special place. In image 16549920, the notes very clearly state that the darkness and lens flare are for dramatic effect. And in images 16549780 and 16549765, please keep in mind that it's night time, so the colors of the building would naturally be somewhat duller than in full daylight. No flash was used. Of course there are heavy shadows - it's night time. There are no lens flares, and the white balance is correct. There is a yellow light shining on the front of the building, but the stones have a natural yellowish hue to them anyway. Any shot you see of the Alamo where the building looks white has been processed incorrectly (see similar image 3474434 as a reference).

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