Monday, August 8, 2011

Free Kitten to a Good Home

A couple of months ago a neighborhood cat had a kitten under our house. When the mother seemed to abandon him, we rescued him and bottle fed him. He was only abut three weeks old then. And he was really, really cute.

It wasn't long until we was litterbox trained and was eating dry cat food. And then, as all kittens do, he learned to play. And play. And play. And play. He does slow down and sleep every now and then. And when he curls up on your lap to snuggle, it's really adorable.

But we've come to a realization over the past couple of months: we're just not cat people anymore. To be honest, I'm not really sure we're pet people anymore, either. We like to just pick up and go - especially for a long weekend, and having a pet doesn't always fit into that. And it's not fair to Otto, either.

Oh, yeah. That's his name - Otto (and the Neverland Pirates.) That was a compromise with Noble, who wanted to name him many things (we have a really cute list around here somewhere). As a family, we all liked "Otto," so that became his name. And then Noble snuck in "and the Neverland Pirates" - and kept insisting that we all call him by his full name - until it stuck. The kitten responds to just "Otto," though. "And the Neverland Pirates" is now just reserved for formal occasions such as when the queen comes to visit. In fact, more often than not, we've taken to calling him "Ottobot."

So, we're looking for a home for Otto. He's a great kitten and has a really loving personality. I've come to enjoy his purring and rubbing against my ankles as I make coffee in the morning. But then he chews on my ankles as I try to work in the morning. He'll grow out of it soon enough, though.

If you're interested in adopting Otto, we'll be happy to deliver him free to Houston, Austin, San Antonio or any point in between.
Just let us know.

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