Monday, August 1, 2011

How to Walk Like Superman

From JustAddFather:

Stand tall. Take your first step, head erect, eyes open, watchful; your body resilient, fluid, ready. Take another, and another. The breeze unfurls the cape at your back. You can feel it flapping and waving, a banner you carry for the world to see. There are, perhaps, walls in your way. You walk through them without fear or tension, as if they are nothing. Your rhythm is constant, unhurried, even joyful. You are Superman, after all.

One more thing, I almost forgot. Someone is walking behind you. This is very important. A few yards back, a little boy is watching you. He’s seven, or eight, or nine. He wants to be just like you.

He follows in your footsteps, the whole way.

And remember that he's watching every step, every breath, hanging on every word... whether you realize it or not. Superman is larger than life, and to him (and to her), you are, too.

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