Monday, August 1, 2011

What's the Deal?


Obama and Boehner struck a debt ceiling deal yesterday.
House and Senate votes are imminent TODAY.


--The "dollar-for-dollar" spending cuts are not real.
Obama gets $900 billion in debt ceiling increase NOW in
exchange for $1 trillion in spending cuts OVER TEN YEARS.
As we know, future "cuts" in government spending are not
cuts at all.

--The real causes of runaway government spending are not
addressed. Entitlements are left untouched. Baseline
budgeting (which guarantees ever-rising government
spending) is intact.

--The risk of a downgrade in our credit rating has not
been addressed because runaway spending has not been

--The Obama Stimulus levels of spending are now permanently
entrenched in future government spending models.

--The debt only rises in a never-ending upward trajectory.
The $900 billion raise in the debt ceiling will not even
last one year. An additional $1.2 trillion in additional
debt will be "triggered" to carry the nation through
the election.

--There are allegedly NO tax increases but that is smoke
and mirrors because the CBO is projecting that the Bush
tax cuts will not be extended. If the Bush cuts are NOT
extended, that amounts to a huge tax increase. If the Bush
tax cuts ARE extended, the CBO projections fall apart and
other tax increases will be mandated by the trigger mechanism
in this bill.

--Finally... the LEFT is coming away from this debate with
one of their key goals accomplished: demonizing the Tea
Party. According to Politico on Friday, the Tea Party has
moved from "hostage takers" to "full-blown terrorists" who
are "craven to inflict massive harm on innocent victims to
achieve their political goals."

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