Wednesday, June 22, 2011

10 Questions

There's a great post over at The Design Cubicle about 20 questions to ask your client before starting their logo. It's so good, I'm probably going to start asking every single one of those questions every time.

But then there's this from Why Advertising Sucks - 10 questions that you REALLY want to ask:

1) When I give you the quote for the logo, will you take days or hours to tell me how expensive it is without thinking of how much hours will it take, how much expertise it is needed to do a great logo... or just because you don't respect designer prices?

2) Can you be able to choose wisely or will you show it to your 80 year old granpa, your wife and your 3 month old kid?

3) Can you be able to visualize the logo with slight changes and approve a line of design or are you so limited that you will kill it, just because?

4) Will you have a revision fest with it?

5) Do you promise not to mix and match different versions and make me do a crap design?

6) Can I stop you from letting me know what logos you would like it to be similar to?

7) Will you understand that the logo you did on Microsoft Office is NOT a good starting point for me to design?

8) Do you understand that if you make hundreds of revisions, I will charge you for them?

9) Have someone ever told you that if an artist gives you a jpg of your logo as a final arwork... you really don't have it? You just have a crap jpg?

10) If by some reason you choose another artist to do your design... can you make sure he or she does in in vectors? I really can't stand people who design logos on photoshop and I refuse to redo yours someday down the line.

I think we designers can appreciate exactly how right most of these are.

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