Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Detroit in Ruins

I saw this collection of photos linked to about a month ago on Daring Fireball, but ran across it again this week, and the images are simply haunting to me. Two observations:

1. It looks as if many places - the library, the police station, the doctor's office, the church - were just abandoned one day. It's as if people came to work one day and then just didn't come to work the next, as if they didn't know that they would be closing. There was no preparation, no cleaning up, no removing of valuables, just abandonment. Look at all those books still on the shelves. Look at that American flag sitting unsalvaged. Look at the pianos and the important documents. What a waste.

2. I just keep thinking as I look at these: "it used to be someone's job to take care of these places and keep things working and looking nice. How hopeless and wasted those people must feel now."

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