Thursday, February 17, 2011

Gimme Back My iMac, Woodlands Apple Store!!!

I'm not a very big fan of the Apple Store right now. You see, I'm iMacless right now. Last Saturday, I dropped off my iMac at the Apple Store at the Woodlands Mall for them to replace the hard drive, which had developed some problems. Here it is Thursday and my iMac still isn't ready yet. Replacing a hard drive is a 10-minute job. There was a time when they would have done the repair while I waited. So why don't I have my Mac back yet? It's been almost a week, and I've got work to do, for crying out loud! They said they had to wait for the hard drive to come in. I call shenanigans.

But then I ran across this site, which is devoted to horror stories about working for Apple retail. I've worked my share of retail, but now I genuinely feel sorry for the poor Geniuses at the Apple Store.

But I still want my iMac back pronto, Apple. I'm tired of waiting.

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