Wednesday, November 25, 2009

ABC's `Good Morning America' Cancels Lambert

From APNews:

Adam Lambert's racy American Music Awards performance cost him a gig on "Good Morning America," but he will perform live instead on ABC's morning rivals at CBS.

While singing his new song, "For Your Entertainment," at the awards program on Sunday, Lambert kissed a male keyboardist, fondled a dancer and had another dancer briefly stuff his face in Lambert's crotch. The performance prompted many complaints to ABC, and the network cut out the brief oral sex simulation for its West Coast broadcasts.

"Obviously, I respect their decision - they gotta do what they gotta do," Lambert said Tuesday in an interview with Ryan Seacrest. "It's too bad - I think there were a lot of fans who were excited to come see me.

That's a whole lot of ego for some dipshit who's just starting out. Who the hell do you think you are, Mick friggin' Jagger? Somebody start a clock. This no-talent hack won't be around long.

And this from the New York Post regarding his AMA performance:
The "American Idol" runner-up pelvic-thrusted his way through the four-minute, S&M-themed routine, taking time out from singing to grope a female dancer, kiss a male musician and, most shockingly, shove a male dancer's face into his crotch, in an act that simulated fellatio.

The raunchy stuff was apparently added to the live broadcast, and the routine, at the last minute, and the network said yesterday it was caught by surprise.

A source, who was in attendance at the AMA rehearsals, said that the sex act was not one of the dance moves that had been rehearsed. "It wasn't there; it did not happen," the source says.

When you have to resort to this kind of crap to get attention it means that you have no real talent and don't think you can stand on your own merits. He sure is talking really big and acting really stupidly for somebody who is still basically an unknown and who's very first CD just came out three days ago.

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