Friday, November 13, 2009

Busing Illegals is Stupid

I started reading a story this morning about Governor Perry (correctly) stating that President Obama is deliberately trying to move our country toward Socialism. But part of that story talked about something called the Alien Transfer Program, which buses illegal aliens to a town in Texas for processing before they are deported by bus back to Mexico.

According to a story by the CBS affiliate in Odessa, the illegal immigrants are returned to Mexico via secured buses. The station also reported, “last year 4,500 illegals were sent back through Presidio. Now 94 will be bused across this bridge 7 days a week.”

In addition, Brandi Grissom of the Texas Tribune reported last month that Bill Brooks, spokesman for the Border Patrol Marfa Sector, where Presidio is located, said the plan would not create any burden on the local community.

Grissom wrote, “The plan will bring two buses per day to Texas, each with 74 undocumented immigrants. The immigrants will be checked for health problems and will have signed voluntary deportation agreements. The program will not involve immigrants charged with criminal violations, Brooks said. Mexican officials are participating and will provide the immigrants with bus tickets to their hometowns, Brooks said.”

Is it me, or are we making it way too easy for these illegals to just turn right around and come back in? The Mexican government is providing the immigrants with bus tickets back to their home towns??? Who really believes that these people are going to get on that bus and go back to the place they broke international law to leave when they're standing a few hundred yards from the border?

It seems to me that instead of wasting time and money busing people from Arizona (or anywhere) to Texas that we should be putting their asses on a plane and flying them directly to Mexico City, deep inside Mexico. From there maybe the Mexican government could give them their bus passes to their home towns. But let's at least make it difficult for them to try to sneak back in to the United States.

Why am I not in Congress yet?

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