Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Christie Wins New Jersey Governor's Race, Unseating Corzine

From the New York Times:

Christopher J. Christie, a Republican former United States
attorney who said he would vanquish corruption from the halls
of New Jersey government, won a closely contested race for
governor on Tuesday over the incumbent, Gov. Jon S. Corzine.

He overcame a huge Democratic voter advantage and a relentless barrage of negative commercials to defeat Jon S. Corzine, an unpopular incumbent who outspent him by more than two to one and drew heavily on political help from the White House, including three visits to the state from President Obama.

This is huge. I was in New Jersey (accidentally - thanks, confusing road signs in Philly) yesterday. Corzine was actively campaigning on the Obama coattails. In fact, his billboard showed a picture of Obama with Corzine standing behind him. The copy read "Keep it Going."

This says a lot - a whole lot - about Obama's standing. The fact that he already has no coattails - in New Jersey of all places - less than one year into his presidency doesn't bode well for the Democrats next year. But it's starting to look good for our country.

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