Thursday, November 12, 2009

Apple's (Not So) Secret Stash

Via 9to5 Mac:

Fascinating. Apple doesn't need AT&T. It could buy it up just with cash on hand.

Nokia is suing Apple. Apple could make the suit go away by simply saying "drop the suit and we'll pay for your budget shortfalls - about $190 million - from last quarter. Hell, Apple could simply buy them, kill the company and forge on without batting an eye.

Excessive, you might say? I say no. It's good business.

A good business will take a portion (say, 2%) of its profits and just save them for a rainy day (like a recession or a patent infringement suit). That seems to be what Apple is doing - incrementally building its savings.

Every company should run their finances this way. Every family should run their finances this way...

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